Online Marketing Tips For Dentists

Do you need some help figuring out new ways to market your dental practice? Dental marketing is becoming more and more important as dental practices compete for patients. One of the best ways to market your dental practice is online because lots of people will browse the websites of local doctors and dentists before they call to make an appointment. Here are several online marketing tips for dentists.

1. Have a great website

rgtgyujuymtnbOne of the things that draw patients to your practice is your site. Your website should be easy to navigate, and it should load quickly. Don’t load your site with lots of fancy graphics because some users might be on slow Internet connections and a lot of graphics will make the burden really slowly. Keep the site design simple and functional.

2. Live help

Have a customer service rep dedicated to answering questions online. Use a free chat application to have a customer service rep available to respond to questions from users. It can be an immensely helpful feature that your potential customers will love. They can ask questions about price, appointment times and other concerns that they have without having to take the time to phone the office. You can get a lot of new patients for the cost of a customer service rep’s salary.

3. List your prices on your website

Most people that don’t have dental insurance will be most concerned about many procedures. Apparently, list the base price for conventional systems and also list payment options, the types of insurance that you accept, and payment plans if you allow payment plans.

4. Give readers information about your practice

Potential patients will want to know a bit about the dentists of the practice and their credentials before they make an appointment. Have photos of the staff and bios listing their credentials on the website to give people a little background on the doctors and employees before they come in.

5. Optimize your site for search engine

wfrgrthyjuyAdding informational articles about common dental practices and dental issues that are search engine optimized will serve two purposes. It will help your website get a higher search engine ranking, and it will give the people reading the site helpful information that will keep them coming back to your site.

It’s important to have a high search engine ranking so that when individuals who are looking for a dental practice in your area do an Internet search for a dentist, your website will come up on the first page of search engine results. The articles will help get people to the website through the search engines.